Caloura Hotel Resort

Environmental Sustainability


Biodiversity Conservation

Since the hotel is located in a protected natural area and has direct access to the sea, we have always collaborated with various entities and actively participated in nature protection and conservation initiatives.

  • We collaborate with the University of the Azores, facilitating the collection of samples that allow the study of Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation of Insular Aquatic Ecosystems, promoting the sustainable use of their biodiversity.
  • We are a Certified Partner of the Azores Natural Parks for Sustainable Development.
  • We publicize the actions of the Amigos dos Açores Ecological Association.
  • We collaborate with Asociación Chelonia within the scope of the Mares Circulares project, participating in coastal cleaning activities.
  • In partnership with CEFAL (Centro de Educação e Formação Ambiental de Lagoa), the hotel hosted the “Vigília Noturna - Apaga a Luz vem aí um Cagarro” [Night Vigil - Turn off the light, there’s a Shearwater coming”, within the scope of the SOS Shearwater Campaign 2019. This night vigil aimed to raise awareness among our guests for the importance of preservation and rescue of Cory's Shearwaters. The end of summer/beginning of autumn coincides with the departure of the Cory's Shearwaters that nest in the Azores Archipelago. These seabirds are guided by the stars and when leaving the nest, to perform their first ocean flight, they are faced with numerous dangers, namely, the glare caused by street and car lighting. Volunteers who participated in the vigil received a “Padrinhos do Cagarro” certificate for participating and saving the birds.

Waste Management

We separate waste for later selective collection: paper and cardboard, glass, metal and plastic packaging, light bulbs, batteries, oils, books and magazines.

We favor the use of partially or totally recycled products (eg: office paper, bedroom stationery, napkins, toilet and hand paper, kitchen towels, printer toners, glass bottles).


Energy management

Lighting: exclusive use of LED lamps

Equipment: gradual replacement of equipment (TV, HVAC, Cold Equipments, washing machines, IT equipment, placement of dimmers, hydro pressure pumps, etc.) with improved efficiency counterparts.

Equipment and building maintenance: gradual replacement of glass and window frames, choice of light colors for painting walls and ceilings, preventive maintenance of electrical panels, UPS, generator set, hydro pressure pumps, exchangers and boilers, HVAC systems, etc.;

User behavior:

  • Guest awareness: energy saving switches in all rooms, which allow to cut the electricity supply to some electrical outlets when the rooms are not in use, thus helping to save energy;
  • Training actions for Employees: recently, with the collaboration of the DRE [Local Government institution for Energy], we had an information session on Energy Efficiency.

Other actions and best practices:

  • Closing of wards in times of lower occupancy;
  • Preferential use of natural light and ventilation;
  • Use of timers to turn lights on and off automatically;
  • Whenever possible, avoid using equipment during peak hours;
  • Activation of energy saving settings on computer equipment;
  • Turn off equipment that is not being used, avoiding stand-by mode;

Water Management

Sanitary Hot Water: use of flow reducers to adapt water flows and frequent replacement of faucets and shower heads.

Towels and sheets change program: promote the reduction of towels and sheets changes, resulting in water and electricity savings, as well as the reduction of detergents use.

Irrigation system:

  • The hotel has a tank to collect rainwater and wastewater for garden watering;
  • The Irrigation of gardens is scheduled for periods of lower heat;
  • We favor endemic plant species that do not need much watering.

Pollution Management

Contributing to reducing the carbon footprint:

  • Our Help Desk suggests ecological activities/services (eg: walking trails, surfing, bicycles, etc), provides a walking map in the area surrounding the hotel and information on public transport;
  • We have partnerships with car rentals with electric cars.

Contributing to plastic reduction:

  • We provide glass cups and porcelain mugs for in-room drinks;
  • We provide glass boxes and paper bags in our Welcome Hampers, Picnics and Lunch Packs;

Sustainable Shopping

We favor the purchase of organic, biodegradable, fair trade products, produced locally, with minimal (or recycled) and plastic-free packaging, whenever possible.

Caloura Hotel Resort

Social Responsability


Contribution to the community

We Share 2019 Social Responsibility Certificate by HOSPES Program of the Portuguese Hotel Association.

Our Help Desk is committed to facilitate and encourage the bookings of services that promote natural beauty, local products, and Azorean culture.

We promote regional crafts in our Gift Shop and at events such as our Traditional Festival where local artisans are invited to exhibit their work and teach art.

To support local employment and professional qualification, we always try to contract local employees and provide constant training.